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21st-May-2009 03:49 pm - Balticon?
Sorry for the last minute-ness, but two funerals in the past week have thrown my timetable off and I've suddenly realized that Balticon is THIS WEEKEND!

I'm planning to drop by to check things out and do a little Sirens marketing. Is anyone going or would anyone want to tag along?

Programming guide is here.
10th-Apr-2009 12:50 am - TOMORROW: Saturday meetup!
britta anarchist cat owner
Hey! I am so excited for Saturday. The only problem is--it's really supposed to rain. Like, pretty much all day. I refuse to cancel this though! I figure we have three options: 

a) Go see the blossoms in the rain and picnic on the wet ground!!1! (Okay, I'm not doing that.)

b) Go see the blossoms in the rain and then go somewhere warm and dry for lunch! (I would do this, and bonus, probably fewer tourists.)

c) Skip the blossoms and head straight for lunch! (I would also be up for this.)

What is the preference?? Also, post restaurant ideas in comments! Cheapish, Metro-accessible and yummy drinks a plus. Maybe somewhere near Gallery Place or up on the Red Line? (My closest Metro these days is Dupont.)
7th-Apr-2009 02:26 am - meetup on Saturday! (or Sunday?)
britta anarchist cat owner
Ladies! (And gentlemen?) I am free on Saturday and I am going to see the cherry blossoms, rain or shine, picnic or no picnic, but it would be lovely if you could join me, at 11 or 12 possibly?

Poll #1379428 meetup on Saturday!

Can you meet me on Saturday?

Yes, at 11!
Yes, at 12!
No, because I am silly and/or otherwise occupied.
It's supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain, but I figure since Sunday is Easter, people will be busy. I am free either day, so if you're really interested in going with me on Sunday, please comment!

I'll post again in a couple of days to finalize plans.

31st-Mar-2009 04:47 pm - April 5th Update
Spring in DC
Well, fate has settled the issue. Just found out my son has two big school projects due Monday, so I will not be able to make the meetup on the 5th. A number of you who said you could do the 5th also indicated you could meet on the 11th.

Perhaps someone, in_a_tizzy?, could wrangle everyone for the 11th instead.

Sorry! *shakes fist at school projects*
25th-Mar-2009 10:20 pm(no subject)
Spring in DC
Hey guys!

April 5 and April 11 are still tied. I am in a quandry because I cannot make it on the 11th. So, either we have the meetup on the 5th OR someone else can take over planning for the 11th. Or, as smilie117 suggested, we could have two meetups.

Thoughts on this?
14th-Mar-2009 08:55 pm - Reminder!
Spring in DC
The poll about the Cherry Blossom Festival meet-up is HERE.

April 5 (Sunday) and April 11 (Saturday) are currently tied with 5 votes a piece. Go vote if you haven't yet indicated a preference!
28th-Feb-2009 09:49 am(no subject)
Spring in DC
*dusts off comm*

Hey everyone! Despite the fact that the forecasters are calling for snow tomorrow, I was thinking it's time to start planning our annual Cherry Blossom meetup. There are loads of you I haven't seen in forever, so I want to start planning early to catch as many of you as possible.

The official website is HERE. The festival starts one month from today and runs for two weeks. Here is the current list of events.

For newer people or those of you who haven't joined us in the past, we pick a day to meet and usually have a picnic, generally with food for yourself and something small to share.

So, here's a poll to figure out which day the majority of us can get together.

Poll #1357096 Cherry Blossom Festival

What day can you meet?

Saturday, March 28
Sunday, March 29
Saturday, April 4 (parade day)
Sunday, April 5
Saturday, April 11
Saturday, April 12

ETA: That last day should be SUNDAY, April 12 which is also Easter Sunday. *headdesk*
5th-Dec-2008 07:08 am - Sunday Meet Up
harry potter- potter and weasley- hair
Hey guys, don't forget tp comment here if you're coming on Sunday. I know more than 3 people have told me that they're coming! I look forward to seeing you all!
24th-Nov-2008 12:12 am - Intro post :)
Harry and Sirius - Look how they shine
I'm very excited to find a HP group here in DC -- thanks to in_a_tizzy! :) My name is Abbie, and I'm 31-year-old mommy/grad student living in McLean, VA. I'm originally from Silver Spring, MD, but I flitted in and out of Boston for a while before settling back in this area. I've got an eight-month-old daughter named Meghan, and I currently stay home with her. Taking care of her is the most demanding job I've ever had (no crazy boss can compare to a very stubborn infant, although some may come close!), but I love it. I'm also working on finishing up my master's (from Boston University) in international relations and communication, but by "working on finishing up," I mean guilt tripping myself every day that I haven't written that last paper and thesis yet. And then I go rescue Meghan from her latest adventure in climbing on furniture and remember why everything is still on hold.

Anyway, here's the more condensed version of me:

RL name: Abbie
LJ name: miss_sophia
Age: 31
How did you come to live in DC? (Are you a student? Have you always lived here? Are you new to the area?): I grew up in the DC area (Montgomery Blair High School '94).
Who is your favorite character? Sirius
What's your favorite pairing? I'm actually more of a crack!fic and genfic person (alternative points of view, missing moments, that sort of thing), so it's hard to say. I used to be into Remus/Sirius, but not so much anymore. I'm happy with the canon pairings, so maybe I'll just go with James/Lily, because I'm also a Marauders-generation gal. And I do have a bit of a soft spot for Sirius/Rosmerta.
What's your favorite book in the series? PoA. OotP is a close second, though.
How long have you been in the fandom: A little over 3 years

If you went to Lumos, you might have seen me gallivanting about as Hermione -- a performance that shall be repeated at LeakyCon and Azkatraz. I also write fic (although it's been a while; I intend to do a reread of the entire series within the next couple of months so I can get back to it), mod and RP at hogwarts_hocus, and recc crack!fic.

Looking forward to getting to know y'all! :)
21st-Nov-2008 09:51 pm - Whoops!
red headed snippet
So I was wondering why so few people had replied to my follow up entry about December 7th.... um maybe because I inadvertantly posted it on my own journal. Whoops. Go fill out the poll people!!!

(and stop mocking me! :-P)
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